Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Brine

The brine is nothing but salt dissolved in water. For millennia, the brine is used as a remedy for many complaints mostly externally in the form of baths, envelopes or pads. But internally, the brine can be used in many indications, such as brine drinking cure or in the form of inhalations in respiratory ailments. Since everyone can easily make a brine from salt and water, this is a popular home remedy with numerous medical applications.

Salt brines and their applications

With salt and brine is cured for a very long time, because the possible applications are extremely diverse. For millennia people enjoy the regulating properties of brine. Every day, 400,000 liters of brine are trickled down a 13-meter-high wall of blackthorn branches, giving the mountain air a healing sea breeze.

Inhaled brine cleanses respiratory tract and has anti-inflammatory effects

Inhaling this air, it has a very beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, so that asthma , chronic bronchitis, allergies and sinusitis are better. The brine has anti-inflammatory and decongestant on the mucous membranes. Mucus can then be coughed off and agonized coughing stimulated. Of course, the inhalation of the brine also acts preventively. Because the airways are cleansed and the lungs are better supplied with blood. Depression and sleep disorders also have a positive reaction to saline therapy.

Brine baths for skin complaints and rheumatism

Brine baths, however, are helpful in eczema , acne , psoriasis and other skin complaints. Therefore, affected people often travel to the Dead Sea, where the salinity is so high that one is carried by the water.

In Bad Reichenhall, this effect was imitated with the help of so-called “floating basins”, in which one can also relax on the surface. The result: The muscles relax, the blood pressure can stabilize at a healthy level, the immune system is strengthened and rheumatic complaints improve. For the latter, a minimum of 4 percent brine is used.

Also envelopes and packs with brine (cloths in the brine soak and hang up) are possible with rheumatism and arthritis. The dissolved salt seems to dilate the vessels, relax the muscles and relieve the joints. Finally, the rheumatic pain subsides and the mobility increases.

Salt bilayers – salt deposits that are often hundreds of feet underground – are also used for healing purposes. If one stops there, it is said, a deep state of relaxation ensues and the self-healing powers are stimulated.

Make brine yourself

However, you do not have to travel to enjoy the benefits of brine. Everyone can make brine themselves at home and use it for their personal purposes:

For the preparation of a brine is easy z. For example, in a 1-liter glass with cap a high-quality salt (about 300 g per liter) and filtered water or still low-mineral water. Then you wait until the salt has dissolved. A remainder of the salt should still remain visible on the glass bottom undissolved. Because only then is it a saturated (26-percent) brine, in which as much salt as possible has gone into solution.

You can use crystal salt or rock salt to make the brine. If you have these salts in the form of chunks or granules, you can also use them and put them in the water to make the brine.

The brine glass can now be repeatedly filled with water. As long as salt chunks or other salt residues are still present, it will always produce a saturated brine solution. At the latest when all salt chunks have completely dissolved, add new salt to the water.

Dilute brine properly

Of course, other brine concentrations can also be produced:

  • For example, if you want to bathe in 4% brine, you will need 4 kilograms of salt per 100 liters of water.
  • For the preparation of a 1% brine (eg for eye baths) take 1 g of salt per 100 ml of water.
  • If you have already prepared a saturated brine and want to dilute it, you will receive a 1% brine if you add 100 ml of water to 4 ml of your saturated brine.
  • If you need a 3% brine, dilute 12 ml of your saturated brine with 100 ml of water or 120 ml of brine with 1000 ml of water.

Why the brine heals – an explanatory model

From a spiritual point of view, illness is often referred to as nothing but a deficit of energy. The brine is now often compared to the primeval sea, from which human beings once arose, as the composition of the blood indicates today.

So the brine solution – especially if taken in the form of the brine drinking cure – could serve as a kind of energetic model. Based on this template, our body fluids are oriented and move in a healthy direction again.

The brine is therefore not a cure with well-defined effects, it goes on. You regulate only, until the right measure is reached again. In hypertension, for example, it should reduce blood pressure and at low blood pressure blood pressure.

Simply brine, refill where something is missing and take away where there is too much energy. If all of this sounds esoteric, let’s experiment with the brine – and be surprised.

The brine drinking cure – instructions

The brine drinking cure is not a “cure” in the sense of a temporary measure. It can be practiced a lifetime and can develop into a daily habit similar to tooth brushing . Nevertheless, it can of course also be carried out only by surgery, z. As part of a detoxification treatment (the brine massively supports any form of purification) or as one of the basic measures for chronic complaints of almost all kinds.

The brine drinking cure does not require much effort: you simply take half to one full teaspoon of your homemade brine every morning and pour it into a large glass (0.3 liter) of water and drink it half an hour before breakfast. You can also fill an appropriate amount of brine (1.5 to 3 teaspoons brine) with water in a 1-liter bottle and drink this water-brine mixture throughout the day.

Brine drinking cure can have side effects

The purification initiated by the brine drinking cure can manifest itself in the first days in diarrhea or in a kind of first aggravation of existing skin problems. The dose of brine can be reduced to a few drops at any time to reduce the symptoms of detoxification in the first few days before returning to the original dose.

The brine solution can also be used to flavor food. It is ideal for liquid dishes such as soups, salad dressings, pies etc.

Possible applications of the brine

As mentioned above you can use the brine for very different healing purposes. The brine drinking cure can always be carried out – ideally in combination with a base excess diet and drinking about 1.5 liters of water per day. In addition, the external applications described below are suitable for:

For skin problems

Skin problems are the area of ​​use for which the brine has been officially certified to have a soothing effect. However, only with external application, not only by drinking a brine.

For blemished skin, acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, herpes or other skin problems, you can also use the brine in addition to your previous therapy. Dab once a day concentrated brine on the problem spots. Or soak a cloth in diluted brine (eg 4%) and place it on the skin.

For skin problems in the face and décolleté: Apply a bentonite brine pack once a week, later (after improvement) once a week. For this purpose, stir in bentonite with concentrated brine (on sensitive skin with a 50/50 mixture of brine and water) to a mushy consistency, apply the mixture to the problem zones, let it act for 30 minutes and gently wash it off again ,

For skin problems on the body: Whenever possible, use a brine bath (with open skin: 1 kg of salt per 100 liters of water, with insensitive skin the dose can be increased up to 5 kg of salt to 100 liters).

As skin problems often indicate a disturbed intestinal flora, would come as a further measure a colon cleansing with rehabilitation of the intestinal flora in question.

In athlete’s foot

Take a daily foot bath (15 minutes) in 10% brine solution. Do not wash your feet afterwards, just dab them dry. Then let it dry completely in the air before putting on stockings again.

For asthma and other respiratory ailments

Perform brine inhalations: Add 20 grams of high quality salt to a pot of 1.5 liters of steaming water. Inhale daily for 10 to 15 minutes. Of course you can also use an inhaler.

For colds and hay fever

Regularly perform nasal irrigation with a nasal can (pharmacy) and a 1 percent brine solution. Also recommended here is the inhalation described in asthma.

For arthritis and gout

Make cold scorching with concentrated brine. To do so, immerse a cloth repeatedly in the cool brine and place on the affected area.

Apply a bentonite brine pack as needed. For this purpose, stir in bentonite with concentrated brine to a mushy consistency, apply the mixture, let it act for 60 minutes and gently wash it off again.

Attention: No brine baths in case of acute gout attacks or rheumatic attacks !

In osteoarthritis

Make warm envelopes with concentrated brine around the aching joints. Take brine baths 1 to 2 times a week at 37 degrees (for 20 minutes) – 2 kg of crystal salt per 100 liters of water. Change your eating habits and test the diet suggested here over a period of at least 6 to 12 months, better longer or permanently: Nutritional plan for osteoarthritis

For kidney and bladder problems

With the brine drinking cure even kidney stones should dissolve, it is said. In our opinion, you can do the brine drinking cure for kidney and bladder problems. But as the only measure, it will certainly not make sure that a kidney stone disappears – unless it developed in particular because too little was drunk overall, a bad habit that has fortunately now been discarded by the morning drink. In addition, a kidney- alkaline diet is recommended.

Place hot, moist envelopes with concentrated brine on the kidney area. Treat yourself to a kidney cleanse after consultation with your doctor.

Brine for eye problems

Tired eyes after hours of computer work deserve care. But age-related visual impairment can also be alleviated – often over a few months – with the help of brine applications.

Run eye baths one to three times a day with a special eye bath (pharmacy) and one percent brine solution. This brine solution does not burn because it corresponds to the physiological concentration of our tear fluid. During the eye bath, open the eye and allow it to circle for several minutes.

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