Detoxing with Zeolites – Proven Benefits of Zeolites

Zeolite is a master of detoxification. The finely ground mineral earth has several mechanisms to rid the human body of toxins. Like a sponge, the zeolite binds to toxins: acids, heavy metals, intestinal gases, bacterial toxins, mold toxins and many more. These can now be eliminated without any problems with the stool and no longer burden the body. Zeolite is one of the simplest and cheapest detoxification methods out there that almost anyone can easily do at home.

Zeolite – who eats mineral earth, lives healthier

Did you know that lithophages are healthier, live longer and apparently do not know any cancer ? Lithophages are creatures that eat stones – and zeolite (a mineral earth) is nothing but finely ground rock.

Mineral earths have long been used in livestock nutrition because they provide for healthy digestion and healthier animals. Even in nature, many animals take up soil again and again, because they instinctively know how well they do them. But not only animals are lithophages, but actually humans too – at least if they still live naturally.

For example, some northern Siberian peoples and also various Caucasus peoples are considered the most enduring (and at the same time healthiest) people on Earth. When examining why this might be the case, it was found that all these peoples had one thing in common: they always consumed mineral earths.

In the North Siberians it is the clinoptilolite zeolite (one of three forms of zeolite) and the heulandite, in the Caucasians it is also the clinoptilolite zeolite and also the montmorillonite ( bentonite ).

Consequently, it is not surprising that most studies and investigations with zeolite were carried out by Russian scientists. It showed such outstanding healing success that you should use zeolite in any disease – even if it is only concomitant to conventional medicine therapy.

Zeolite – Impressive healing success

For skin diseases, for example, offers both the external and the internal application of zeolite. The mineral earth soothes the symptoms of allergic dermatitis , psoriasis , eczema and many more – usually after only two or three treatment cycles of 10 days each.

Zeolite was even able to improve the resistance of self- resistant acne ; in fact, the use of zeolite resulted in a cure success 8 to 10 days earlier than conventional therapy. Often, chronic acne or other chronic skin conditions occur in adulthood along with bowel disease . Because a sick gut often leads to a diseased skin. If zeolite now heals the intestine (see below), then the skin can heal again afterwards.

Similarly, fractured patients experience faster healing (8 days faster) when they receive zeolite pads daily for 45 days, according to a 2000 study.

In a 1999 study, people with severe burns received either conventional treatment or, in addition to conventional treatment, a spoonful of zeolite three times a day. The zeolite group not only experienced faster healing, but also had a better blood count than the “normal” treated group.

The so-called open leg burdens many people. A venous insufficiency often combined with diabetes can be the cause of these poorly healing wounds on the leg. Baths in a mixture of water and zeolite and the daily intake of 5 g of a zeolite-bentonite mixture can, according to case reports, already be successful after 10 days, even in humans 80 plus.

Studies from 1999 and 2003 with women suffering from anemia (anemia) showed that twice daily administration of 5 g of zeolite led to a marked improvement in iron levels after 25 days at the latest . This was partly because zeolite can also give some iron to the body, but on the other hand, mainly because zeolite heals the intestine and thus improves the iron absorption. For people with anemia often take in enough iron, but can not use it, because the absorption capacity of the intestine are limited.

Anyone who suffers from allergies and hay fever has elevated histamine levels . These can be lowered with the help of zeolite. Forty days before the expected pollen allergy in spring, pollen allergy patients were given 700 mg of zeolite and 300 mg of bentonite combined with 5 g of spirulina . The allergy did not last, even if it had been on time for years with the first pollen count outside the door.

In addition, several studies have shown that zeolite improves sleep and can therefore be used in sleep disorders .

Even in acute viral diseases such as acute viral hepatitis zeolite helps accelerate the healing process. In one study, hepatitis in the zeolite group (zeolite and drugs) cured four days faster than in the group that only received medications . However, no pure zeolite was added but a mixture with bentonite plus a vitamin B complex.

The use of zeolite also has positive effects on other liver problems such as fatty liver hepatitis , liver cirrhosis or hepatosis .

Migraine attacks can be prevented in some patients if zeolite is taken with the very first symptoms. Oral mucositis also respond well to the intake of zeolite. And even the bone density in osteoporosis can improve, for. B. 8 weeks daily 3 g of zeolite. , Is also particularly striking that the defenses against infections increased when regularly Zeolite is taken.

But what is zeolite exactly and why does it have such a powerful healing effect?

Zeolite – What is it?

Zeolite is a microporous rock, a rock with tiny pores. It is a volcanic rock, and its pores were once created by the volcanic gas pockets. The term “Zeo” comes from the Greek and means “boiling”, “lith” means “stone”. These are boiled or boiled stones that were created millions of years ago, when the glowing lava earth fell into the sea during volcanic eruptions and caused the sea to boil.

During these events, the special crystal lattice structure of the so-called clinoptilolite zeolite was formed. (There are three zeolite forms, the phase-like, the leafy and the crystalline zeolite, and we are all concerned with the crystalline zeolite, the clinoptilolite zeolite.)

The reticular crystal lattice of the zeolite consists of silicon (SiO4) and aluminum (AlO4). No, do not worry, the aluminum does not dissolve in the body from the crystal lattice. The crystal lattice is immune to many external influences – including stomach acid and other digestive juices. So you do not have to worry about having to take an aluminum load after taking zeolite . Details below.

Within the cavities of the crystal lattice are cations (positively charged particles), such as calcium , magnesium , iron, sodium and potassium. The grid itself, so its tiny cavities, are negatively charged, which in turn is an important prerequisite for the fact that the zeolite so well detoxify and thus can heal.

How does zeolite detoxify?

Zeolite can detoxify in very different ways . On the one hand it has the ability of adsorption (not absorption). Adsorption means that a substance is bound to something. Absorption, on the other hand, means that the substance is absorbed by something.

1. Zeolite detoxifies by adsorption

For example, excess acids are discharged via adsorption . But also bacterial toxins are detoxified by the zeolite, as well as cytokines (inflammatory substances), free radicals and metabolic waste products.

Also so-called. Low molecular weight substances are bound by means of adsorption. Low-molecular substances are, for example, water (H2O), ammonia (NH3) or intestinal gases (methane).

2. Zeolite detoxifies by ion exchange

At the same time, an ion exchange takes place on the zeolite. This means that the minerals in the crystal lattice of the zeolite are attracted to the organic matter in the organism, while at the same time pollutants that are in the body – they are positively charged – have a high affinity to the negatively charged crystal lattices of the zeolite.

Pollutants thus migrate into the crystal lattice while minerals migrate out. For this reason, it is very unlikely that the essential minerals for the body are bound by the zeolite, as is often feared, and you could suffer from a mineral deficiency .

The ion exchange, among other things, detoxifies heavy metals and radioactive elements.

Karl Hecht, Professor of Experimental and Clinical Pathological Physiology of the Charité, Humboldt University in Berlin and author of the Zeolite book Silicon Minerals and Health is now of the opinion:

The more acidic the environment in which the zeolite is, the more the silicon from the crystal lattices can participate in the ion exchange. In this way, colloidal silicon (SiO2) is formed, which passes into the bloodstream and can be a valuable source of silicon for humans.

Silicon source zeolite – for strong connective tissue and elastic blood vessels

Silicon is a stabilizing trace element that is particularly effective for healthy connective tissue and healthy bones . Also, blood vessel walls are stabilized by silicon, so that the cardiovascular function can also benefit from the zeolite. As a silicon deficiency is widespread today, any additional source of silicon should be used.

But what happens to the aluminum?

Does aluminum dissolve from zeolite?

This is where the ghosts or opinions of the experts differ.

Again, Professor Hecht explains: Zeolite is generally characterized by high stability against thermal influences and aggressive substances. Just acids or ionizing rays can hardly harm him, at least nothing that would have a negative effect on the consumer.

Whether aluminum can be released from the zeolite depends on its silicon content. The higher this is, the more impossible it becomes for aluminum to dissolve out of the crystal lattice of the zeolite. Clinoptilolite zeolite is a zeolite with a particularly high silicon content. No aluminum dissolves from it, so that no aluminum in the intestine can be absorbed and absorbed into the body.

Even if, however, aluminum would be released from the crystal lattice, this would either be discharged directly through the kidneys or it acts in the stomach as an antacid (agent that neutralizes excess stomach acid), which is finally excreted through the intestine.

Manufacturers of high-grade zeolite conducted investigations to investigate the matter and found that no aluminum was released from Globalium zeolite mixed with strong acid (pH 1.2 corresponding to the gastric milieu) even after 48 hours. In the body, the zeolite does not stay that long. At the latest after 24 hours he has left – and together with a lot of poisons, which he has bound on the journey through your body.

Zeolite – the master of detoxification

How good zeolite can detoxify, everyone notices in his own body, the z. B. suffering from indigestion with diarrhea and / or flatulence , since zeolite binds excess liquid, bacterial toxins and gases and discharges. Anyone who suffers from intestinal yeast infections also soon represents a relief because zeolite has anti-fungal (antifungal) properties and also absorbs and excretes the fungal toxins and dying fungi.

Also, there is already sufficient scientific evidence for the detoxifying effect of zeolite, which show that zeolite detoxifies, but it is completely safe, so has no negative side effects – neither short nor long term.

For example, in 2012, Dr. Emmanouil Karampahtsi’s three zeolite preparations to see how well it could detoxify 20 different potentially toxic substances: an oral spray containing zeolite, a zeolite-based mouth drop and a zeolite powder

The highest poison excretion rate was definitely recorded in the powdered form. After elimination of zeolite powder, the precipitation of aluminum and lead increased by 43 percent, cesium by 41 percent, nickel by 23 percent and arsenic by 119 percent.

In the same year they read in the journal Biological Trace Element Research that clinoptilolite zeolite can help in the discharge of lead . Despite dietary lead intake, lead intake decreased by 89 percent in the liver, by 91 percent in the kidneys and by 77 percent in the bones thanks to concomitant use of zeolite – compared to subjects who had lead but no zeolite participated.

From 2003 there is another interesting investigation. Lead-loaded miners were asked if they wanted to detoxify with zeolite. One part agreed and took 5 g of zeolite daily for five weeks. After these five weeks, the men were “clean”, so free of lead. The others were still burdened to the same extent as five weeks earlier.

The same was true in a study of 102 heavy metal-exposed men from the city of Chelyabinsk in the Urals. They suffered from symptoms such as sleep disturbances, head and back pain , chronic fatigue, etc. After 30 days with 1.25 g twice daily, they were largely freed of their heavy metal load.

In 2009, Flowers et al. In Nutrition and Dietary Supplements , detoxification of heavy metals is an important part of the treatment of chronic diseases, but the usual use of chelating agents is often associated with undesirable side effects and, unfortunately, unpredictable effects. The benefit of clinoptilolite zeolite is an effective and safe alternative. Because the zeolite – unlike the chelating agents – would NOT simultaneously lead to an excessive discharge of essential minerals and trace elements.

To test the detoxification effect of zeolite, 22 men were divided into two equal groups in this study. Group 1 received zeolite for 1 week, Group 2 took zeolite for 30 days. In both groups a high heavy metal excretion could be detected, with the peak of excretion taking place on the 4th day. During detoxification, no change in the subjects’ electrolyte balance could be detected – either after one week or 30 days.

Zeolite increases antioxidant levels

Antioxidants are the killer of free radicals. They reduce oxidative stress and thus combat the cause of almost every disease. Therefore, the higher the individual antioxidant level, the better one is protected against diseases of almost any kind.

In May 2012, a study was published in which 25 men showed that the four-week dose of zeolite can increase the level of some of the body’s own antioxidants, thus increasing the body’s ability to combat oxidative stress. To the body’s own antioxidants z. As the glutathione peroxidase and the superoxide dismutase.

A short time later, in Life Sciences , micronized zeolite has been shown to protect cells from death by oxidative stress, further reducing oxidative stress production in the mitochondria, while increasing levels of the body’s detoxification enzymes.

Hangover? Use zeolite as fast as possible!

A January 2015 study stated that zeolite is a great idea for a hangover. Of course, the zeolite can not lower the alcohol level in the blood. But he can obviously reduce the symptoms of the following cat – both those of the nervous system (dizziness, difficulty concentrating, headaches, etc.) as well as the typical indigestion.

Zeolite – a blessing for the intestine

Zeolite is also THE diarrhea in both acute diarrhea and chronic diarrhea. Zeolite binds many malefactors that cause diarrhea: harmful bacteria, bacterial toxins, mold toxins etc. Also, intestinal gases are bound by the zeolite and excess water . If you have diarrhea, first take a spoonful of zeolite or bentonite.

Many other chronic diseases, whether with or without the involvement of the digestive system , also develop (or are exacerbated) as a result of damaged intestinal mucosa. Autoimmune diseases are as much a part of it as are allergies, but also migraine, heart disease, Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s , rheumatism and much more. One speaks of the so-called Leaky Gut Syndrome, about which we have listed all details including measures: The Leaky Gut Syndrome.

As the universities in Graz and Vienna have now discovered in 2015, zeolite helps – if regularly over z. B. taken for 12 weeks – to cure and regenerate the intestinal mucus. The study of the Austrian researchers showed that zeolite reduced the inflammatory values ​​of the subjects (52 athletes) as well as their zonulin values ​​after 12 weeks. Zonulin is a marker for a sick intestinal mucus. The higher the zonulin levels, the higher the likelihood of a leaky gut syndrome.

Zeolite – The clean blood filter

When traveling through the intestine, the zeolite attaches to the intestinal mucosa like a protective layer . There, as explained above, the zeolite absorbs all the toxic substances that are present in the intestine and prevents them from entering the bloodstream through the intestinal mucosa and thus into the bloodstream.

Zeolite acts as a sort of upstream filter, so that not only the digestive system, but also the blood can be clarified and purified more and more in the course of zeolite application. Because all the toxic substances that have always leaked from the gut into the blood are now removed in time from the zeolite.

Zeolite in cancer

Zeolite is also anti-cancer. That’s not surprising. For if a substance liberates the body of poisons, then it already lacks an important factor that would otherwise cause cancer. If it also helps to cleanse the intestines, raise the level of antioxidants, purify the blood, and improve nutrient utilization, it is clear that cancer can now have far fewer chances.

Zeolite slows down cancer growth

However, studies have shown that zeolite, in addition to the anti-cancer properties mentioned above, still has a few more that can all prevent or reverse the development of cancer . This is because zeolite can slow down cancer growth and activate so-called tumor suppressor genes, thus stimulating genes that can inhibit cancerous tumors (2001, Journal of Molecular Medicine ). In the corresponding article, the scientists wrote that zeolite should be used as an adjunct to cancer therapies .

Zeolite had been used in dogs suffering from various cancers. The administration of zeolite led to a significant improvement of the general condition, to an extension of the life span and to a shrinking of the respective tumors in many of the animals. Even the local, ie external, application of zeolite directly to areas affected by skin cancer reduced the size of the tumors.

Zeolite activates immune system and inhibits metastasis

A year later, the same scientists wrote that taking zeolite could significantly significantly activate the immune system and reduce the formation of metastases in skin cancer. Since it is also known that zeolite can mitigate several side effects of conventional medical cancer therapy , zeolite – no matter which cancer therapy you choose and in consultation with the therapist – always a good companion.

However, consider not just cancer, but every illness that will not lead to salvation and blessing when taking a single substance. Only the interplay of several and individually fitting measures can ultimately lead to healing. Do not rely solely on the zeolite, but together with a competent holistic therapist, put together a personalized therapy concept.

Zeolite – The properties and effects

The objects and properties of clinoptilolite zeolite are thus the following:

  • detoxification
  • intestinal cleansing
  • Purification of the blood
  • Regeneration of the intestinal mucosa
  • Increasing the antioxidant level in the body
  • Activation of the immune system
  • deacidification
  • Protection against cancer
  • Fight against fungal infections
  • Inhibition of inflammation

Zeolite – The side effects

You may have wanted to take zeolite or bentonite yourself and you’ve come across this statement: Zeolite and other minerals such as bentonite should not be taken concurrently with medications, including birth control pills or thyroid hormones , as the mineral earths may render medicines ineffective.

The property of mineral earths to bind substances to itself, so here is negatively represented, as if it were a dangerous side effect. This is exactly the desired main effect.

Zeolite and medicines

Zeolite and bentonite bind harmful substances to themselves and ensure that they are excreted through the stool. Of course, some medications are also bound, if they are taken at the same time as the mineral earth, and thus made ineffective.

But that’s no problem, because you only have to pay attention to the right application. If you stay two hours between taking medication and taking bentonite or zeolite, then the mineral earths can detoxify wonderfully, without affecting the drug effect.

Zeolite: always with plenty of water

However, zeolite can only detoxify and have a positive effect if at the same time sufficient liquid is drunk. If not, then the zeolite clumps, attracts valuable endogenous tissue water and has a clogging and dehydrating effect . However, this is not the fault of the zeolite, but of the user.

Therefore, add a large glass of still water to each teaspoon of zeolite (300-400 ml) and, throughout the day, drink 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. At a weight of 60 kilograms, that would be 1.8 liters of water.

Part of the daily amount of liquid can also be drunk in the form of herbal tea or diluted vegetable juices . Coffee , black tea, undiluted juices, purchased smoothies and herbal milks (rice drink, oat drink, soy drink etc.) should not be consumed during detoxification. If these drinks belong to your repertoire, then they count about half of the daily amount of fluid. So if you have z. For example, if you drink 300 ml of rice drink, then you only need 150 ml for your daily drinking requirement.

Zeolite as a medical device

If you want to buy zeolite, remember: Not every zeolite is suitable for ingestion. Because zeolite is not approved in the EU and many other countries as a dietary supplement and not as food . That is not surprising. Zeolite is neither one nor the other. Zeolite, on the other hand, is a detoxifying and cleansing agent.

When buying, make sure that the zeolite is a medical device. Appropriate products bear the CE mark. Only then can you be sure that its quality has been tested and that it is a pure, unloaded zeolite.

The right application of zeolite

Zeolite can be applied internally and externally.

The internal application of zeolite

  1. Always take zeolite on its own, not with meals or together with other supplements (see also 5.).
  2. Take zeolite 1 to 3 times daily, eg. B. in the morning on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before breakfast and just before going to bed, ie 2 to 3 hours after the last meal. A third intake may be taken at lunchtime, again 30 minutes before lunch or 2 to 3 hours afterwards. But you will also see success in taking once a day.
  3. From 3 to 5 g of zeolite are recommended per day (double in some indications). The daily amount is then distributed to the number of daily receipts. So if you take zeolite twice a day, take 1.5 to 2.5 g each. If you want to use zeolite three times a day, take 1 to 2 g each time.
  4. However, start slowly with small doses, eg. For example, once daily with 1 g or 1 capsule and increase the dose and the frequency of intake continuously to the desired dose.
  5. You can combine zeolite with psyllium husk powder and bentonite. Other supplements (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, base powders etc.) should not be taken together with the zeolite, but at least 30 minutes later or before
  6. Take zeolite only in severe diseases (eg cancer) permanently or even if your symptoms have not improved permanently after a short-term use. Otherwise, you prefer to take zeolite by turns. Make z. For example, a 24-day cure, then pause 5 days before you can repeat the 24-day treatment.
  7. Pregnant and breastfeeding women , children and people taking medications should consult their doctor before use.
  8. There should be at least 2 hours between taking zeolite and medication.
  9. Zeolite can be taken in the form of zeolite powder which is stirred in liquids. But you can also take zeolite capsules, if the Zeolite taste is not desirable. But do not forget to drink plenty of water with the capsules!

External use of zeolite

For the external use of zeolite, there are at least as many uses as for the internal intake.

  • Face masks with bentonite or zeolite are used against pimples, blackheads and oily skin.
  • Clays as a shampoo replacement absorb fat and dirt from the scalp
  • Envelopes with healing earth for rheumatism, joint and limb pain as well as bone fractures promote healing processes, have an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect.
  • Burning and badly healing wounds speed healing.
  • Insect bites or itchy skin rashes relieve pain and itching and remove the toxins that cause them.

For example, in the case of extensive rashes, you can rub the skin with petroleum jelly and dust dry with zeolite. However, do not inhale the powder, if necessary apply a dust mask (hardware store).

Normally, however, a mixable paste of zeolite and water is applied and applied to a cloth or directly onto the appropriate area of ​​the skin. Let the porridge work for about half an hour.

It should be applied so thickly (3 – 4 mm) that it can not dry completely in half an hour. The porridge should still be wet if you remove it or wash it off. Otherwise it will dry out the skin.

Cleaning programs with zeolite

In addition to the single application of zeolite, zeolite is also available as part of treatments for internal purification and detoxification, eg. B. zeolite instead of bentonite may be part of a colon cleanse . Another treatment with zeolite is our combined intestinal and liver cleansing program.

Zeolite – literature to read on

If you would like to read more about zeolite and its outstanding effects, you will find all the details in the book by Prof. Hecht: Clinoptilolite zeolite: silicon minerals and health

Non-medical practitioner Werner Kühnis zeolite guide also describes many applications of zeolite – for laymen and professionals: Healing with the zeolite mineral clinoptilolite.

Zeolite can be perfectly taken together with bentonite. Both mineral earths complement each other perfectly: Bentonite detoxifies and helps with diarrhea

By the way, the difference between zeolite and bentonite is low:

Zeolite and bentonite – The difference

Both mineral earths have strong detoxifying and pollutant-binding properties. Both can detoxify via adsorption and ion exchange, whereby zeolite should be able to detoxify a little more.

However, they differ in their structure, ie less in their effect:

While zeolite – a volcanic rock – has its above-described crystal lattice, the clay mineral bentonite (montmorillonite) is a layered rock, so layered.

If bentonite comes into contact with water, it forms a mucilaginous film, which protects itself against the intestinal mucous membranes when ingested. In this way, bentonite is soothing and slightly gentler than zeolite, which can not form this mucus film.

So if you want to detoxify an irritated digestive system, you can first resort to bentonite and later take zeolite or only continue with zeolite. However, since the mineral earths usually in the context of a gut rehabilitation takes, you can start immediately with zeolite. For in the intestinal rehabilitation mixes the mineral earth with psyllium husk powder – and the latter provides the mucus that does not have the zeolite.

However, if you already have bentonite at home, then you do not need to buy additional zeolite.

Healing earth instead of zeolite?

There are many mineral earths (also called healing earths): There is the green mineral earth, the brown healing earth, the white mineral earth and many more. They differ not only in color, but also in composition. Because mineral soils usually consist of many different minerals. The effect of course depends on this composition. Because every mineral has a different effect and different properties.

For this reason, the described effects and properties of the zeolite can not be readily transferred to all other medicinal and mineral soils. Now, if you have a healing clay at home, we advise you to learn the composition and then research what effects the individual minerals and mineral compounds can bring.

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